My name is Brian Engblad and I’m blogging live from the European Commission’s 2nd annual forum on the EU strategy for the Baltic Sea Region.

I’m here since I find the region an asset and caterpillar to strengthen business competitiveness on a global scale.

I’m situated i Gdansk, since the summit is held here!

I’m together with more politicians than business people…perhaps there is a reason for than – because most business people would expect more than just words and blurry

But do we need blurry directions and fancy words? I think we need leaders and a clear focus!!

They are talking about boosting the region competitiveness through better knowledge and stronger education – but isn’t than the focus of all countries on the globe, and are we really ahead…I’m afraid that they didn’t read the book ‘tiger mom’. Because our hopeful and esteem politicians might rethink strategy.

But in all fairness there are some positive keywords coming out – like invite Greece, Italy and other de-vast economies to Poland, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia to learn how to change economic directions!!

I will return with more observation during the next days and comments from the summit