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I recently discovered that for the first time in 500 years the east has developed a higher gross domestic product than in the west. Consequently, we have lost the concept of entrepreneurship while our competitors in the east created a new business platform founded on their success.

As emerging markets continue to gain momentum, complacency lingers among western leaders. Why should they boldly invest in the long term when shorttermism is the simple option? Corporate boards sadly endorse this attitude, where ‘good governance’ standards have sanitised the decision making process and turned our largest companies into fortresses of conservatism.

If Europe and more specifically Scandinavia are to succeed, this attitude and approach must change. The general estimated growth prospects ( between 1.2 – 3.3 per cent – according to IMF ), shouldn’t be cause for much celebration and doesn’t caterpillar us into a more blooming future.

Our business should emphasise an entrepreneurial approach and put it back at the centre of our economic model. The chief executives of large corporations should be encouraged to behave accordingly. Learning from the smaller passionate business’ for which entrepreneurship is raised above everything else.

Large corporations should be assessed on simple metrics including revenue growth and profit margins, rather than their company’s share performance that can be impacted by expansive monetary policies more than value creation.

If we want to revitalize Scandinavian and European business creation and performance, we need to address what’s wrong.

Globalisation and crises isn’t to blame, but it is our own business conduct that is to blame for the blurry estimated growth prospects – which point to the fact that we forgot to drive and innovate in every sense.

We are suffering form a chronic Entrepreneurial Deficit Disorder, which needs the right diagnosis and stimulus – and since the highly skilled from the top of the business pyramid perhaps has forgotten about passion, belief, value creation and dedication – then just maybe
this stimulus should come bottom up!



I’m Brian Engblad

In my job as CEO and founder for a sustainable focused consultancy, I have the pleasure to visit summits like the one taking place in Copenhagen right now.

Through all I’ve already heard here, I feel a need to spread the message as wide as possible. The message is that too many people talk about the reactive CSR and the proactive Sustainability issues – but the majority are more than reluctant or at best fumbling, hence making unnecessary large investments with negative return on all parameters as result!

It is one very important thing – Sustainability!

We need change as fast as results – but foremost we need companies get it right the first time so we can change the negatives to positive vibes

We need environmental changes fast – we REALLY do! Getting these changes implemented and later to get actual results is one tuff assignment. It is my strong belief that we need good and well-documented stories. Stories about governments, companies and individuals producing massive and positive results (and with nice kickback as side effect moneywise)– not before can we start a broader acceptance and accelerate people’s movement towards a new future.

We need leaders, strong leaders – very strong leaders!

Demand is changing but too slow – so changes happen too slowly. And I honestly don’t know who should go first – the government – the companies or us consumers. Therefore we need leaders on all levels to secure focus and acceleration. Because it’s like everybody are expecting everybody else to go first. What a terrible situation to be in, especially since every day and every action counts!

We all have excuses, for not going first – and since we do too little or nothing – nothing happens, you would think! But there are stories – about early movers, about great and rewarding returns – all are about the very few individuals wanting to do better, about early movers in government and business’ hunting for better!

I learned today that we should not expect big changes from established markets since they are pretty comfortable as is – although they are trying they still are building from an old platform, and since that is burning, I have difficulty in understanding their path.

But ideas on new sustainable solutions coming from those that don’t have the means to buy the established solutions – these are the people, the real entrepreneurs of tomorrow, since they are not restrained by the past or by the solutions available right now.

I have seen stories and documentations today, about great revolutions coming from India within the electricity category, from people who don’t even themselves have electricity!

Nobody do anything, unless money is a positive kickback – and the most terrible thing that I have experienced today, is the fact that gradually the first moving passionist, starts giving up, thus good initiative is not appreciated in larger scale. Which is why I would argue that initiative easily would be invisible at best, if not all together forgotten – if we don’t take action in a broader sense!

Just take the hole in the ozone layer this is no longer a topic consequently not nearly top of mind! But have no fear, the ozon layer is actually closing! This is a fantastic reminder, showing us that we can do a difference hence create tremendous results.

Now we have to focus elsewhere – stop coursing unnecessary sustainable harm

What to do?

Start by scoring your self, your friends and your company – discuss the score and figure out easy wins. Asked questions – buy and support sustainable focused companies and their well thought product – by the way, there are a lot more of these products on the shelf that you think.

Follow this blog – Help me help others in creating a better change for sustainability and for all of us in the future!


Just home from Paris – collecting new material for my blog – sounds pretty nice right? It was, although my feet still hurts!

I 10 days time, I will present a shortlist of retailers – all privately owned – which gives one a feeling of in-store thrill, solid and trendy retail composition, cool service and at the same time is more that just a good business.

I will be talking about shopping experience and how wise some of the stores have used shopper psychology to secure a firm gip and litery keep customers dwelling for hours…

For RetailWise

I’m Brian Engblad

Just the other day I had invited a great many people to listen to something as commonplace as a lecture in upgrading your presentational skills. Expectations where high, not because we were going to see the latest in power point, in fact quite the opposite!

Presenting these days is very much about power point, and very little about the presenter – unless of cause you are Bill Clinton, Bill Gates or in the same league. The messages can be ever so dull, but the presentations don’t have to be!

The personality that I invited to present, was a well-known Danish actor named Jens Arentzen. He fired up his presentation by announcing the death of power point! Nice, especially because we all lean towards power point in our daily work.

Key takeaway from this horn blowing motivator was not that power point was dead, as much as it was about the fact that we as presenters had forgotten about actually presenting the message and not reading from the slides. Much more importantly, we were educated in how to create mood setting pictures and feelings in the hearts and minds of the audience, to anchor the messages at hand.

There is so much more to a good presentation than a fancy power point, there are the skills and act of the presenter!

While the worldwide recession seemingly and hopefully is short lived and perhaps to some extent overrated, 2008 – 2009 business figures and business conduct will give many a business researcher frills diving into over many years to come. They will write books about how distinct companies from one day to the next lost big, never to gain ground again. How large corporations go beaten by small companies.

How small business’ with solid and sound economic competence nearly was forced to close, because of all the customers (larger corporations) over night changed willingness to pay on time – in fact they claimed the right to change terms of payment and hereby send incredibility and lots business ethics in the direction of smaller enterprises! By fact they made it quite clear to millions of suppliers that it was more important to decrease bank interests than paying any small enterprise for their good and solid work delivered on time.

For what reason? Trying to keep the vessel going for yet another quarter?

No doubt, a massive wave of books will strike a beach near you pretty soon. Leaders will stand forward pointing in directions upper sit themselves arguing about neglect and even worse. Massive quantities of frightening stories will eventually surface and rapidly be converted and channelled through the established business education system – because what have happened has certainly catered a lot of business disasters.

Over the last 10 months I have had the privilege in joined talks and a series of interviews with some 82 CEO’s and Managing directors in the Nordic Countries. Focussing on the overall situation, finance issues, steering though trouble waters, about focus, downscaling and ability to get the most out of the situation.

I have summoned my experience in this somewhat bizarre imperative narrative:

Imagine a large containership in open sea travelling fully loaded – course is set. Same routine- and pretty much, same destinations year in and year out.

One day suddenly – although al perditions pointed in this direction – the climate changed dramatically! The wind was stronger than ever hence massive white horses walled up around the carrier. No visibility nor a easy way out – subsequently a certain level of anxiety arises. Not as you might have expected on staff level, for them this was more or less business as usual – but on senior management level the story was another. Schooled in crisis management, the captain reports to the board about a change in ability to perform according to expectations – and due to conditions he will have to report more frequently so that a negative result can be diminished.

Fast-forward – well aware that the carrier is way off course and long awaited on destination, the captain decides (from time to time together with a passive board) not as expected to seek the nearest harbour and re-scope – but to leave the vessel drifting in mammoth sea whilst the captain seeks cover under the first desk available, begging for a rapid change in conditions.

This version might sound harsh and to some even idiotic – and yes you are right! Nevertheless a fact!

A picture of an egocentric CEO or managing director not stepping up to the commission arise. Some might be of the opinion that they could not do different – but I say wrong!

Yes, you tried to diminish and downscale not one but several times, just to spread fear in your organisation – all in all reactive actions. But in terms of proactive action all the companies stood submissive – ask yourself – did you strive to plan what actions and business changes you had to make to stand prepared past recession. The few who did, is right now in a blue ocean situation grabbing market share very easy and inexpensively.

This will leave companies in dire strait perhaps forever! With a massive block of companies lead by paralysed an ineffective top management not able to act accordingly.

You could argue that the disruption is diminished and far less destructive because so many “captains” choose to stay paralyzed and more troubled by their own future, that the one of the company.

These captains will by force now leave the secure chambers, acting nervously and too traditional to get the motivation going and business drive onto new tracks – leaving the business in even darker red ocean, because they never got around to build on blue ocean opportunity that raises during any crisis.

This problem will really surface when some of the upcoming book titles, key note speeches and seminars tells happy stories about the companies and CEO’s that have acted actively right through the crises, exploring new methods and business angles to protect motivation and drive come end of this crisis.

Taking this into consideration combined with the financial state that countless companies experience, the board of directors is left with no other choice than take action to complete considerable changes on top management level. Hoping to cover new ground and gain some lost.

I for one welcome new creative leaders with a new perspective and a honest dedication – eager to show to the world of management that no business should be run like usual or like we learned in business school. It’s time to make changes! It’s is time to put new management into the drivers seat!


November 09

We just had a meeting today talking climate change, our individual effort and how the whilst majority of business’ do if any – very little.
I hate to admit that I’m doing too little! Both privately as well as a CEO.
I startet today doing what we all can do – put some small effort and common since behind the words. Quickly I realized how little I knew – and that Al Gore’s energized presentations left me with more questions than answers.
So tomorrow I will do some necessary catching up on the subject – I will start by reading “from cradle to cradle”.
Maybe you should too…
Take care,