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Proclamation: Products of poor quality with no soul seem to be an incorporated part of our lives. The stores around the globe seem to have lost their integrity, and are presenting the audience and their customers with poorly produced products with no story or soul. In fact, most stores are carrying, if not the same product range, then at least the same brands. It seems like a big a gap is emerging between consumers and retailers. Consumers demand high quality in a diverse range of products. However, stores here and there only present their customers to a “safe” selection of products, made in quite poor quality.


The solution seems indeed within reach. Storytelling. High quality products quite often have a great story attached to them. For instance, the products could be undergoing a unique way of manufacturing process, or the products could have been the results of funny and quirky ideas. Customers do want to hear that story.


In a recently published survey about tourism in Copenhagen, it was quite clear that the commercial expectations to Copenhagen were not met. Tourists want more than just the little mermaid. They want original products, made in Copenhagen or at least in Denmark – they don’t want products branded Danish, made in China.


Sadly, the survey also made it clear that products made in Copenhagen were quite hard to find, especially since we do have a wide range of fantastically skilled craftsmen and small enterprises. All these craftsmen and small enterprise are all enthusiasts that do offer storytelling, impressive quality and much needed diversity within their product range. These are what I would state define as the “local heroes”, who are protecting our retaining our traditions of local production. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to show the world what Copenhagen is made of? I personally believe that this will change the way we consume and experience the cities we’re visiting.  Local production is in other words a direct influence on the diversity of a given city. This is why we want to protect our local heroes! Join me and our humble organisation in the fight about indifference and sad quality, and experience for yourself how much more you will get if you just know where to go… look no further just, visit here are some of the local heroes from the greater city of Copenhagen.



But of course you do, you just don’t know where to begin, whom to trust with your project. And who honestly do you feel secure enough with as partner to expose your own lack of skills on the subject.

I know the feeling – I was there in the early 90’s when every one was talking about Category Management. I went participating in international workshops after workshops, seminar after seminar. I understood the system in theory – really I’d… or so I thought!

Nevertheless the same question kept arise in my head – how do one get hands on started?

Fact is – not then neither now, people know where to begin, how to start-up, how to monitor or how to convert knowledge into action. My story from the 90’s exactly!

Fact is also, that in theory you think you have all the right answers yourself – and that you are doing all right on the matter.

Of course you are not! You haven’t got the skills or the knowledge – and that’s quite all right, because truth is that you never did this before! But before going forward, you have to accept this!

Your target group varies, and they have been divided into subcategories, I’m sure! Still your store only offers one entrance and one presentation – so what do you do? How can you deliver on customer expectations and secure customer retention – they varies you know!

Remember that the product itself often stands alone come the moment of truth! Can it self sell?

There is no fact book attached here, nor anywhere else! You start from rock bottom! Collecting behaviour! And you get help to convert the documentation into action – and hey, this is NOT something your advertising agency knows anything about!

But when started you suddenly (over the years, I mean) understand:

:: about promotion effectiveness – because you’ve seen what NOT to do – let me emphasize you have seen it with you own eyes!.

:: about presentation – or should I say focused presentation, and how to create interactive presentations – because you have seen customers lack of interaction and valuable traffic leave because you did not understand or offer the right solutions – or that you actually offered the right solution but in a totally wrong context or surroundings.

:: about service and relation – about how much you have to stress and stretch to secure customer retention. Why “sameness” only can attract some customers – and why change is the only constant.

:: about why people/staff as ambassadors’ really is key to both brand and business objectives, and why anchor management is 10 times more important than the campaign itself.

I’m often asked to point a finger at the department to blame for not driving or deliver value to secure opportunity – retail or marketing? To be honest with you all, both are to be blamed for not having taking steps towards having collected shopper behaviour documentation as part of a mutually anchored foundation.

Not before can you point a finger at anybody but yourself!

Last but not least who is to pay – because you don’t have the budget to do!

Fact is that this is a company, business, brand and marketing issue… and as such not just a one department responsibility.

Todays fact – shoppers start deselecting before selecting, and only if they can find relevance in presentation

Regards from Amsterdam