I’m Brian Engblad

In my job as CEO and founder for a sustainable focused consultancy, I have the pleasure to visit summits like the one taking place in Copenhagen right now.

Through all I’ve already heard here, I feel a need to spread the message as wide as possible. The message is that too many people talk about the reactive CSR and the proactive Sustainability issues – but the majority are more than reluctant or at best fumbling, hence making unnecessary large investments with negative return on all parameters as result!

It is one very important thing – Sustainability!

We need change as fast as results – but foremost we need companies get it right the first time so we can change the negatives to positive vibes

We need environmental changes fast – we REALLY do! Getting these changes implemented and later to get actual results is one tuff assignment. It is my strong belief that we need good and well-documented stories. Stories about governments, companies and individuals producing massive and positive results (and with nice kickback as side effect moneywise)– not before can we start a broader acceptance and accelerate people’s movement towards a new future.

We need leaders, strong leaders – very strong leaders!

Demand is changing but too slow – so changes happen too slowly. And I honestly don’t know who should go first – the government – the companies or us consumers. Therefore we need leaders on all levels to secure focus and acceleration. Because it’s like everybody are expecting everybody else to go first. What a terrible situation to be in, especially since every day and every action counts!

We all have excuses, for not going first – and since we do too little or nothing – nothing happens, you would think! But there are stories – about early movers, about great and rewarding returns – all are about the very few individuals wanting to do better, about early movers in government and business’ hunting for better!

I learned today that we should not expect big changes from established markets since they are pretty comfortable as is – although they are trying they still are building from an old platform, and since that is burning, I have difficulty in understanding their path.

But ideas on new sustainable solutions coming from those that don’t have the means to buy the established solutions – these are the people, the real entrepreneurs of tomorrow, since they are not restrained by the past or by the solutions available right now.

I have seen stories and documentations today, about great revolutions coming from India within the electricity category, from people who don’t even themselves have electricity!

Nobody do anything, unless money is a positive kickback – and the most terrible thing that I have experienced today, is the fact that gradually the first moving passionist, starts giving up, thus good initiative is not appreciated in larger scale. Which is why I would argue that initiative easily would be invisible at best, if not all together forgotten – if we don’t take action in a broader sense!

Just take the hole in the ozone layer this is no longer a topic consequently not nearly top of mind! But have no fear, the ozon layer is actually closing! This is a fantastic reminder, showing us that we can do a difference hence create tremendous results.

Now we have to focus elsewhere – stop coursing unnecessary sustainable harm

What to do?

Start by scoring your self, your friends and your company – discuss the score and figure out easy wins. Asked questions – buy and support sustainable focused companies and their well thought product – by the way, there are a lot more of these products on the shelf that you think.

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